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    HDMI cables ports splitters HDCP MHL ARC

    Does anyone know about HDMI cables and which are best to use with a wetek or android box? Because of copyright laws like DRM or HDCP protection built in to HDMI cables and ports, they try to block any device or box it might even accidentally redflag. I know on my tv there are 3 HDMI ports...
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    ********* version4.0.o6 not working properly

    1st problem is you are using mygica Instead of Wetek
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    Is Kodi working?

    1. Its not Kodi 2. Addons stop working not Kodi itself. 3. Always keep backup files repos A few of the best and my fav seem to have issues too this past week. Im sure it will get fixed eventually. Fresh reset, use saved repos or search before reset.
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    Bug Kodi April 30 Issue stop working?

    I just wanted to check and make sure it wasnt just me. After 6 years, my addons are having issues. No results on the most coveted addon, or the reborns of previous addons oe reincarnations of them like they just exited moses. Even the wire on my numero uno channel "optimus" prime is not working...
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    ********* version4.0.o6 not working properly

    Hey OP, I have same issue just yesterday for first time. I have not found fix yet. Be patient. Just keep googling for updates Of addon names month year or debeloper name, etc. It will probably take between 1 week to 8 weeks before a new developer steps in to update the addon and upload the...
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    Find a Job in Toronto Etobicoke Help!

    What are some of the best places to work at here? What places are hiring and easy to get hired? What places, jobs that have opportunities for advancement, promotion? Any laid back places that dont require a suit? Near Lakeshore Bloor, Kipling South Etobicoke It seems like most jobs today...
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    Themepak movie info and posters not showing

    I have the 1ch themepak for pwire but none of the media info displays or the movie posters wallpapers oŕ whatever you want to call them. I had it set to classic. Online it says to change it to glossyblack. Im not sure that is the solution. Can someone give me a solution? Is there maybe an...
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    How to make your own addon and repo?

    If i wanted to host a repo to just enter in the URL to download and install zip file? Can I use any online file host? Or personal website. Or if i wanted to create my own personal addon. Do i need to host it somewhere to work or it can work right from pc or android box? Also lets say i...
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    Indigo needs data cleaning without erasing addons

    Its on my wetek core android box. It said 3gb kodi was taking up. It slowed the whole device. I was forced to erase it. Reinstall kodi 16 from 15.2 I had with tvmc wizard. I did backup but restore didnt seem to work. The files are on a usb drive. Im glad i saved it and other online repos so i...
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    How To Post Your Log File

    I can never find my error logs. I tried indigo it took 10 times and some weird screen with million lines of code showed up. I couldnt understand any of it.
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    TVMC Wizard Skin

    I had to erase kodi and reinstall. So i dont have tvmc custom wizard anymore. I dont know if its still available is it? I downloaded the indigo fusion repo. Are they the same? The skin is in there. I never said anything about coding. I have using kodi and customizing it for 5 years.
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    Scrapers use other search engines

    Idk anything about programming but I have a few thoughts to help. Since google has blocked, censored, blacklisted or had over 900 sites shutdown, Cant developers use other search engines that are safer to use like startpage, dogpike, duckduckgo, or some other private search engines? I want to...
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    Request Gofund and petition for TVAddons?

    I want to know if there is already a gofund or petition yet? To help tvaddons and to help developers. So we can help them and hopefully enjoy Kodi the way we want. Maybe petitions to senators, mpaa, netflix Gofund to help fight lawsuits
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    TVMC Wizard Skin

    I want the old tvaddons skin with the picture of earth. How can I get that again?
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    Request How to host my own repo or addon source code?

    How can I or anyone save or host repos or addon source code? Dropbox? Openload? Cant use github obviously. I know you can save repos on computer and add it to a flash drive or sd card for backup. But if the source code isnt working the addon wont work. Why would an addon still work if its...