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    request for alldon suntv now the rebel

    Sun tv is off the air and have launched the rebel online was hoping someone could make an addon to allow for viewing on a media streamer instead of computer.
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    G box went black

    you might have a corrupt xbmc file you may have to delete it that is what I've done in past delete xbmc load the newest stable version and reload all files again
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    Ok boys and girls. Opinions?

    Now don't get me wrong it took me a day or so to remove all the tracking software I'm not for that I just liked the openelec software and the computer/keyboard and will be installing openelec software on my sigma computer which brings up the next question will any versions of the hub work on...
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    Ok boys and girls. Opinions?

    Take a look at Prometheus I have one and think its great very fast silent runs openelec comes preloaded with everything. It is not cheap but I've tried many boxes it is my first choice I have tried and own TLBB,G-box mx2,Slave,Pivios,Minix, Matricoms Sigma and Mbox plus a couple Linux ubuntu...
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    anyone tried openelec on the sigma?
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    Add-ons not installing (shows 0% but fails)

    I think they are having an issue I have tried on multiple g-boxes to install wizard works fine but if i go in to add more add-ons example best of youtube it will say installing at 0 per cent and nothing some will install none of the discovery or one of the popcorn will not install I would say...
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    xbmc clock issues

    I find if your internet connection goes down your time is wrong I use it as a quick check on connected or not
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    G Box midnight latest firmware

    If you have the matricoms G-box midnight here are the firmwares and software don't use the mx2 software but I would go to Matricoms forums find a linux update(build) you like for the midnight and install it the midnight is a little older...
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    G Box midnight VPN

    I am using purevpn on my g-box mx2 and works.
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    G Box midnight VPN

    I've never done it on router yet either you would have to look up your router and see if it does vpn's I would talk to purevpn they would be able to point you in the right direction
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    G Box midnight VPN

    yea sorry I missed that I have the g-box mx2 dual processor I think the only way it might work on the midnight is if you do it on your router if your router supports vpn's I have 3 more boxes but so far the mx2 is the only one I have the vpn on I have 2 slav units which use same software as the...
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    G Box midnight VPN

    I could send you my chats with purevpn if that helps as I saved them they sent me to this link as the app didn't work for me had to do manually but that is sorta in the middle of my chat after trying other things one big thing was to find the...
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    G Box midnight VPN

    as i said i have it working use it pretty well every day but I did struggle with setting and did an online chat with purevpn tech support took me a few tries but managed to get it going with their help so far 3 weeks into it have only had a few problems.
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    G Box midnight latest firmware

    here they all are are 1.1.8 is newest this is a beta but pretty stable
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    Network connection

    just found a g-box that if you go into setting and turn off wifi then turn back on might work had one that would not connect once I turned off wifi then back on worked