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    Can't Update Kodi 16.0 to 17.3

    No Buddy.. no need to run the FTMC and Librelec software. Only if under Android 5. Goto the sideload site and download the software versions for Android. All of them. Go into settings and apps in the startup screen of the box. Now try and install each.. If its wrong it will error. It will work...
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    Need a little help to update to kodi 16.1

    Thank You the Lion for your message but my response was fine. Sorry you dont like it but its fine. Most people want to expand there use of the software and the best place to start is the web site. From their I explained what I have done and others have done as well. Again I apreciate your...
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    Need a little help to update to kodi 16.1

    1) "Windows" goto website. 2) Scroll down and it will show you versions for different platforms. 3) select your version and it explains how to install but it will list DOWNLOAD in the explanation. Click on that and it will give you the file. 4) Install and follow the prompts...
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    Regarding the 3D

    Depends on what you mean by 3D. If your talking color lense stuff I doubt it.. If you mean SBS ( side by side) check Na*i-X. I actually just checked. Click on Na*i-X, click on start, click on 24Hrs, look down the list you will find 3d.
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    ac adapter 1amp or 1.5amp???

    1.5 amp at 5v is common. Some like the MXQ are 2 amp. I doubt its 1 amp
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    TVMC - Problem! Installation has failed, please Restart TVMC to try again!

    I had this happen to me and Im trying to remember how I solved it. I would do all the standard stuff. Disable antivirus, confirm your internet connection stability. Its wireless perhaps hard wire it for the install. try using the wizard in the repository. Perhaps force your netwrk address rather...
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    Kodi restarting constantly

    I may be wrong.. so bare with me.. 2 weeks ago I was running my Kodi on my home theater and it popped up an error. It gave me the option of closing the program or searching for a solution online. I tried all kinds of things.. reboot.. looked at software recently loaded.. did virus checks...
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    It’s Impossible to Torrent Anonymously, Lawyer Says

    What I take from this is half truths.. Crowel is correct when he says that people cannot hide their IPs.. Its a fact.. The way people need to understand things is that the recipient may be spoofed but the source is never spoofed. We as users tend to look at things linear. Imagine a maze.. you...