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    Beta Firestick questions

    I'am trying to build a small build for a amazon firestick but I want to add hbo netflix and etc Its a little confusing is it best to make my own build? I would like to build one on my computer then save it then install it on firestick can someone help me with this project Thanks
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    Adding vpn to respberry question

    How hard is it to add vpn to a respberry pi?
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    Kodi should i get vpn?

    I could be running Ic*f*lms and etc could your internet service previder shut your high speed cable off. by using torrents addons? or if your streaming to much they might be suspicious? I might be using this torrents stuff every day then do you think i should get vpn? if so which vpn is good for...
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    Kodi should i get vpn?

    Do i really need a vpn if so what or the reasons and other question operating Kodi on 3 Mac devices. Two Mac Mini's each connected to my HD TV's and the other is my Macbook Air. If I purchase IP Vanish, must I purchase a separate subscription for each device or can I excess the software for...
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    Which VPN is Best?

    Should you get a vpn?
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    Kodi and backing up skins and addons issuess

    Kodi and backing up skins and addons issuess i try to backup kodi with program called backup and deleted kodi then reinstalled it and the skins not there and addons or there but since skins not there it dont put them in the categorys and is there anyway to make kodi with skins and addons on my...
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    Question, xonfluence i can’t get view options to save it

    Question, xonfluence i can’t get view options to save it at that view, like theres big list, fan art, it won’t save it, can someone help Thanks
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    Izle addon problems when i try to open any category in izle

    Izle addon problems when i try to open any category in izle it keeps saying izle error check the log file for more information can someone help Thanks
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    Linux Mint

    How is it on openelec
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    Raspbarry pi 2 I put this together I hope this gives some ideas and thoughts if you have any question please ask enjoy
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    Request MX2 Owner Opinions Changing from Android to OpenELEC?

    Buy a raspberry pi b very easy to setup
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    Raspberry Pi2 vs Chromebox both with Open Elec

    Thank you very much
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    Kodi questions

    I'm running raspberry pi and kodi problem is when i click on 1Ch**nel then movies and then date added or any category in 1Ch**nel none categorys will load up it keeps saying working at the bottom right. for long time and never loads anything. can someone help me out or have anything i could try...
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    Raspbarry pi 2 what to upgrade to

    With raspberry pi 2 should i upgrade to tvmc?
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    Raspberry pi 2 questions

    I have raspberry pi 2 i just got. and i just installed openelec 5.01 Kodi 14.1 it cam preloaded with those versions. does it matter if its kodi 14.1? or should i upgrade? if i upgrade. which versions should upgrade to? other question? is it best to install plugins one by one like say Ic*f*lms...