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    Kodi 17.3 Feedback thread

    KODI 17.3 works fine on Android box, see now issues so far. Sounds like everyone needs it because that hack and stuff
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    I am using Real-Debrid service for more than 2 years, works perfectly and I love it
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Xiaomi site. Got it in 5 days for the same money as in Wal-Mart
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Right on point, the best answer!!!
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Listen, if you need an Android box to run KODI, I and like 100 other people told you about MI BOX. Let me repeat it: I got tow of them, about 2 weeks ago, from tow different sites, both of them run KODI like a champ. Instead you are watching a youtube? I wouldn't even mess with adding some APK...
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    2 GB. It's good, trust me
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    100% agreed with Meep. I got two of them, bought this month, one from Wal-Mart and one from Xiaomi site, both work absolutely perfectly, cannot say nothing negative about them, took 10 minutes to set them up with KODI 17. Not like the other I bought, generic Chinese assembly. More powerful than...
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    Kodi 17

    Gotcha, thank's a lot. All my KODI installed from Play Store, that's why it worked
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    Upgrading to Krypton 17 from Jarvis 16.1

    Google Play store, works like a champ
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    MXQ adroid box with 4.4.2 says I need new box with os 5

    Exactly. I have 5 TV in the house, a little bit expensive to have NVidia on all of them. It is the best but one of the most expensive ones. MI BOX is awesome, even though I have some issues to run some famous addons, to stream, I mean. But the box is great, very smooth, totally agreed. Wouldn't...
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    do i need new box

    How is KODI 17 running on your MI BOX? Ex**us specifically, if you are using it. I thought it would run smoothly but there is something weird going, almost every addon's streams are keep buffering, even SD. I like the box, internet is good, WI_FI connection seem good, downloaded KODI in minutes...
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    Kodi 17

    It should update KODI automatically to 17, shouldn't it? It did it on my NVIdia and Beelink. Took a while for the Beelink but I don't use it long enough , I guess. NVidia got updated almost next day after release.
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    Yet another Real Debrid Skipping question or is it ?

    Well, I got somewhat similar thing. It doesn't skip but wouldn't play them good, constant buffering and I am talking about SD links. It's almost like they work for an hour or some and then just quit. I can pretty much illuminate my side(hardware, internet etc) so it's almost sounds like the KODI...
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    How to connect Kodi tv box to the internet?

    I've heard that Mashup is back? Never used it in my life
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    Everything running slow since update to 17.1

    Well, you maybe right, I just want to illuminate the issues on my side. Everything seems OK on my part: the box is new and recommended by this site, the internet is good. All sources I tried were from at least 5 different providers, just doesn't make any sense. Normally I use my NVidia for a...