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    Help with kodi upgrade

    You should give more details about your problem if you really want help.
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    Bug Blank video in all addons

    If you have the latest vga drivers installed on your system then you need to disable the hardware acceleration at kodi. After you do this you should restart kodi so the new setting take effect. You can disable hardware acceleration at kodi 17 if you go settings -> player settings -> videos...
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    How to connect my Alldebrid account to Kodi??

    Go to Ex**us settings -> accounts you will see there is a place to insert your all debrid user and password.
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    malware alert detected warnings

    You dont have to be paranoid about this. i heard that happened and with other people. A lot of times is because of the ads the sites has. In any case the avast alert says that block the connection with the website so you dont have to worry. If the messages continue perhaps you would like to...
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    Neuroscientists Discover Why Internet Pirates Don’t Feel Guilty

    Propably the same. What at the bottom line the research says is that the people feel guilty when they remove one item for someone else and not when they copy. The same is and when someone photocopy a book. The result is also to have one item the photocopied book but since they dont remove the...
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    Update on line

    First of all i cant understand if the update has to do anything with kodi or you are talking about the box firmware, software, android version e.t.c.
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    What should be developed next?

    1) Live events/Sports addon with the logic of Ex**us or SA*TS. What i mean about this: At SA*TS or Ex**us you just decide what movie or tv-show you want to see and you let the addons to search at a lot of websites to return you link from what you want to see. That is a huge improvement compared...
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    Windows 10

    Is reported that there is a problem during installation if the username you are having at windows is with no latin characters or there is a space on the username. I dont know if that is your problem but give it a try.
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    Kodi should i get vpn?

    Generally is not necesary to be behing of vpn to run kodi. I dont know if at your country the isps are blocking web pages in that case the vpn would help you a lot to bypass those restrictions. What vpn offer you is *privacy* you can bypass restriction from your isp, you can bypass geoblocking...
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    pc with windows. pc with linux android tablet android smartphone
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    Real-debrid experience

    Right now with the SA*TS you can see almost everything using free sources at top quality. I also get RD for 6 months. Is it RD overkill? At this point at SA*TS at least, propably yes. But The RD if you make 6 months sub. it cost about 2.80€ per month, less than a cup of coffee in my country.
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    Can I install Kodi on a smart tv??

    The only chance to install kodi on smart-tv is the tv to run android. Your model is not, so you cant install kodi on this smart-tv
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    Request English Subtitles

    Did you install subtitles addons at kodi, like opensub e.t.c.?
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    Programming downloads

    There are several addons who allow you to download the videos. It cant be done automatically but you can go to the how i meet your mother 5x02 and chooce download, then the download start at the background. Then go to 5x03 and also choose download then it will start to download at the background...
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    Software vs Hardware

    If you are connecting the pc with your tv using hdmi cable then this is the optimal solution. The pc is much more powerfull than the android boxes. And dont think that the android boxes as hardware solution vs the pc software solution. Is actually similar solution. And the android boxes is like...