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    attack on TVA on REDDIT and Facebook is associating with Cove...t !

    Mail does NOT work to TVA, so........this message, Have you read this ?! : Have you read this negative comments ?! :
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    marked as "watched" function not working !

    Hi there ! The marked as "watched" function not working has suddenly (weeks ago) stopped working on 3 machines , of which one with old Android and Old Kodi, one with new Android and Newest Kodi, and one PC with Windows7 and Leia 18.2. WHAT do the have in COMMON ?! DO NOT anser that I need a...
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    URLresolver(TVAddons) AND resolverURL(Jsergio)

    I have versions 5.0.33 (TVaddons) and 6.3.22(Jsergio). Are the the NEWEST versions, because resolverURL(Jsergio)version 6.3.22 is not present in my repo from Jesergio, it was before, strange or not ?! Thanks.