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    17.4 update ?

    I've not heard anything good about it! Update to it or not that is my question?:(:(
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    Other add-on not supported here

    Lately I've been seeing several add-ons on YouTube that are not supported by Tvaddons. My question is, is it safe to install these add-ons? Even saw a video on how to tweak Ex**us so out of curiosity I thought I would ask here.
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    What should the Buffer

    Rate be set to in Ex**us and how often should you clear the cache? Thanks:confused:
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    Any know how to stop

    Those authorize stream popups? (VitUp ,api streaming and others) they are very annoying. Thanks
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    uploading log files

    ok so I am trying to upload my log files, but everytime I try I get a message email not configured. So I follow step by step instructions on how to to alter it in the addon settings however it does not give me the General tab where to input my email. please someone help. Thanks
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    Need to update from Jarvis 16.1 to 17

    Problem is I don't want to download from the Windows store. Would someone please message me a link as to where I can update other than the windows store. I've read just download 17 and install over 16.1 and save it will save your settings. Read to many negative comments about downloading from...
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    Having problems uploading log

    Ever time I try and upload my log file I get a message saying email not configured so i go back to Indigo and the option is not their to add my email. I have uninstalled and reinstalled indigo and get the same error message anyone know how I can get the destination email option back? I am...
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    Indigo fails to update

    I give up!! Indigo is causing more harm than good... My version is Jarvis 16.1 could that be the problem? do I need to update to 17? I'm not a tech person but can normally figure this stuff out on my own! Do I need to do a clean install of Kodi? Please someone...
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    What add-on

    Can I use to watch old shows from the 60s? I looking for one show Mayberry R.F.D. it shows up but always says no steams available.. love the older shows.
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    Request Does anyone know

    If there is and add on that allows you to access Hallmark Channel live streaming? I have Pho*nix but it does not off the live streaming. Thanks in advance
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    Just curious

    Is there a limit as to how many hours a person can stream from Kodi?? Thanks
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    Not sure if this is posted in the right place

    But here goes... Ive been seeing a lot of posts on facebook about Kodi and how to get it. This post show up in adds where people are complaining about not being able to view certain show IE: Heartland which is on CBC. Someone even posted how to get Kodi and to download fusion. My question is...
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    Need help please!

    Hi all so I have Ex**us I was looking for a show, found it but when I try and stream it I get a message saying no steams available. I also asked a friend of mine who has SA*TS and she looked for the show as well and told me it would not play for her as well. There are 9 seasons of the show. any...
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    Computer (windows 10) Built in VPN

    My windows 10 computer has a built in VPN. My question is do I need to add an extra one? I have it enabled so should I worry? also about all these piracy issues I don't understand if it's such a big deal then why was kodi added to the window store? Thanks
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    Hi, I'm new here and to Kodi!! Help Please

    My name is Donna How's everyone? I just found out about Kodi a few days ago and followed a youtube tutorial to install it on my laptop, which is Windows 10. It works great however upon exiting it crashes and I get the error message kodi is not responding do you want to close the program or wait...