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    Is there a way around to encrypt our docs and pdfs?

    Well, Never mind, I searched on Google for my problem more deep and found that PDFs can be protected by passwords and can be sent securely with encryption but yes that's a long way to do but the steps are easy. Also I found the software naming NOVA pdf that make it easy to secure your PDF files...
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    Is there a way around to encrypt our docs and pdfs?

    Hey Guys! How are you all? Didn't know about the actual section to post this question so I am posting it her due to the resemblance of its name with my question. I have seen that since we are working from home the threats and hacking attempts are also growing, so to avoid it I am taking many...
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    Happy New Year All :)

    I wish everyone a Happy Happy New Year around the world :) Stay Blessed Let's share some best Tv Addons deals and whatever we have got for this New Year. How About sharing their New Resolutions and The best Deals around you. Mine is to be the best version of myself and for that ill do whatever...
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    How About Sharing some best Christmas Deals with each other!

    Hey Guys! How are you all, I am just creating this thread to share some best deals that I have found this Christmas and looking forward to all others to share whatever they have got in this regard. because sharing is caring :) 1. Kindle Paperwhite 2. Echo Dot 3. Fire HD 8 Tablet 4. PureVPN...
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    New to VPN

    I myself a VPN user because of my hobby towards sports, primarily Football and league matches, But as I live in the USA so I am unable to see sports much of the International channels easily Like BT sports and Channel 4 so in this case I use VPN and I am very much happy with my service provider...
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    Best Deals I have Found this Black Friday

    Hey Guys How are you all? I am Fit and fine As you people know that Black Friday is going to be live soon and many companies and brands throughout the world will start posting deals and many of them have already started posting deals, coupons, and sales on their big products with pre or early...
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    Any Latest Shows for this Halloween ?

    How are you doing all guys ? I have bought pure vpn halloween subscription yesterday and It works great with my Kodi. Just wan to know the latest shows so that I can get full benefit with its subscription. You guys can also check.
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    Just to inquire.. Any popular Shows ?

    I have ended watching peaky.. well i was in a mood to watch something like same genre type shows. So any suggestions regarding shows.. Other regions shows are there ? so please also specify.. what to watch and where to watch . Thanks mates
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    How to add BLURAY ISO in movie LIBRARY with universal movie scraper? or anything like that...

    Hi, I had searched for this but could only find old info and no useful information about it. I have a folder named after the movie and the bluray iso is named the same inside it. Opening via file browser works, kodi seems to mount the .iso and shows 2 folders BDMV and certificate and similar ...
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    Add-ons fo kodi...

    Thanks for the Share Zagato :)
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    Add-ons fo kodi...

    I was wondering the same, that this might be possible with vpn service, once my friend andrew told me the same solution. I thought there could have been some other reliable and free solution. Though there is none. Thanks @zagato I will surely watch around some vpn providers and test them , that...
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    hello everyone, i'm excited to be among you in this community. i am regulater

    Thank you so much @RavRob :) Good to hear that. Surely will share some.
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    I am new to the community and am excited to get started.

    Same here, thats why I have joined this forum to get to know best of kodi. That, what things I can get with my device, However I have been using it for some where around two months
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    Hello friends, long time no see!

    Nice to see you :) Yeah definitely Same goes for me
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    Happy to be here :-)

    Hey :)
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    Hello Guys :)

    Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. Well said by Sam Levenson This is my kind of motivation:) Good to see you all guys. I hope that I will get the right suggestions for my concerns here. Thanks :)
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    Add-ons fo kodi...

    Hey Guys this is thomas. Can Anyone please tell me about the total add-ons that I will be getting with Kodi? My location is Oslo Norway. In addition to that will it be helpful if I want to stream other Netflix regions ? Kindly Suggest me some solutions :)