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    New user

    welcome... :)
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    Hi there!

    welcome... 17.3 out now...
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    What's the current thoughts on AceStream and VPN's?

    I would use a good VPN.... better safe than sorry...
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    Kodi not working at all

    simple... but have you tried reinstalling kodi again?
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    welcome... hope your enjoying kodi. lots of great content to watch...
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    Hi Guy's

    welcome... hey, nice to have ya.
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    Lifetime vpn offers???????????/

    yup, works good for geoblocking... and like f1jim had said, you do loose some d-load speed while using vpn. some servers are better that others tho.
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    welcome... hope you enjoy kodi.
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    Hi all

    welcome... hope your enjoying kodi.
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    Hello community

    nice to have you... welcome
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    welcome nice to have you here... if you have any troubles just ask.
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    welcome... you can get the hang of it quit fast, just do lots of reading... :)
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    welcome, and yes tons of android streaming options for kodi around these days...
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    welcome, hope your enjoying kodi
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    New here

    welcome... :)
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    Thanks for accepting me.

    welcome, always good to see peeps helping out... :)
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    Hello all, grateful to be here

    Hello and welcome...
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    Hello Everyone

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    G'day Y'all

    welcome hope your enjoying kodi...