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    xonfluence default setting question

    I have a custom build installed that uses the xonfluence skin and I really like it but there is one thing I would like to change. When I select movies or TV Shows from the main menu bar the default addon is Ex**us. Ex**us is a great addon but I would like to change it to something else. Can...
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    Still can't get ustv plus to work for me

    Hi , I have a free account and upgraded the addon to the plus version but still just get the "working" message at the bottom of the screen. I un-installed and re-installed the add on but still have the same results. Is there something that I'm missing ? Do I need to delete some file somewhere or...
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    How to I un-root my fire tv ?

    I have a Gen 1 fire tv that is rooted When I try to update firestarter of Kodi I get a message saying updates are blocked I'm assuming that I have to un root to allow these updates to happen? If so can I just do a factory restore on the fire tv ?
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    How do I set up a fire tv for a friend with out registering ?

    I have a couple of sticks for friends and want to set them up with kodi and tvaddons. How can I do this without registering the device to my amazon account ? :confused: If I go through the whole process using my account and then unregister will I loose Kodi ? Can my friends use the stick/kodi...
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    How do I free up some memory on a firetv stick ?

    I have used the install wizard to install my addons in kodi 14.1 and all is working well. My system says that I have 86MB free at this time after clearing cache and purging modules. I have Es Explorer but can't enable "show hidden files" What else can I do to free up the memory ?? Thanks
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    Can I get TVMC on a fire tv stick home screen

    I just got a firetv stick and was wondering if it's possible to get TVMC on the home or recents screen using adbfire. I know it can be done with Kodi but would like to use tvmc. Thanks
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    looking for an add-on called "radio"

    on my fire tv I have a music addon called "radio" version 2.3.1 The author is Tristan Fischer. I can't find it on my windows system using Kodi 14.2 Can someone point me in the right direction Thanks...
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    What's the best set up for the FireTV Stick ?

    Is there a version of Kodi,SPMC,TVMC that is better suited for the fire tv stick. That is, one that uses less resources and memory etc. which would lead to a better more stable operation... I have just ordered a couple of sticks for friends and want their first experience to be a good one!
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    Now I can't get out of Kodi and back to the home screen

    So I set up kodi to launch from the home screen using the ikono icon But now when I try to exit from kodi to the home screen it just loops back in to kodi again. If I unplug the fire tv and power back up I have a normal start up with the Fire TV homescreen but as soon as I launch kodi I'm...
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    How do I get Classic TV on my home screen ?

    So I figured out how to get Classic TV to launch TVMC and it works great! Now how do I get the classic tv icon on my home screen. I can only get to it through "manage all aps" in the settings area. Also can I change the icon to Kodi ? I see that adbfire will do it for ikono but I don't think...
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    Looking for a Bandwidth monitoring program

    I have several devices on my home network including PC's, phones ,streaming boxes and gaming systems. Sometimes up to 15 devices on the network at a time ! My bandwith usage is getting more and more to the point where I'm going over my 175 Gb mothly limit. I want to find a program that will tell...
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    anyone using a usb hub with their Fire TV ?

    I would like to use a logitech k400 wireless keyboard with my fire tv and also be able to use an external drive at the same time. Just wondering if anyone else is doing something like this and if so which hub are you using ? I have read that some hubs don't play nice with the fire tv. I can use...
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    Help starting adb program

    I have just purchased a fire tv that has been rooted and has the updates disabled. I am trying to download and run winadb on my desktop so that I can connect to the fire tv. I have downloaded the program but when I try to run it I see a screen pop up and scroll through some stuff and then it's...
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    Looking to Update my Pivos M3

    What is every one using for their image now ? Is the Hydra image for Gotham 13.2 the best out there :confused:
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    Looking for a concert metadata/artwork scraper

    I have a lot of concert dvds in my collection and have just loaded them on my HD in xbmc. I am looking for a good metadata/artwork scraper. The usuals don't seem to pick up most of the dvds that I have ....:confused: Thanks for the help :D
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    HDMI HandShake Question

    When I switch from my cable tv to my htpc it takes about 30 seconds before the picture shows up on my Panasonic monitor. I'm assuming that this is due to the "handshake" process of the hdmi cable between the htpc and the monitor So my question is what determines the time of the handshake ? Is...
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    Just updated to 12.1 wizzard but now my library stutters

    So I uninstalled 12.0 and deleted all the xbmc files that I could find Installed 12.1 and ran the wizzard. Everything in the addon/plugin area is working great !! :D However after I scanned my library, when I try to play a movie the video is very slow and choppy I'm pretty sure that it's a...
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    Adding a deleted Addon

    I know that "fastpass" has been removed from the xbmc hub repository for good reasons, but if someone still wanted to use it is there a way to install it ? My wife has one series that she likes to watch and fastpass seemed to be very reliable for her. You know what they say, "happy wife =...
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    how do I delete a repository and all that's in it ?

    Like the title says I would like to delete my video repositories and then re-install them to see if I can get rid of all these script failures. Maybe even delete the fusion instraller and re-install it. Is there a "how-to" somewhere ?
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    Router Suggestions please...

    So I'm going to buy a new router. My current router is a d-link dir-655 and I also have a Dir-615 as a bridge. All of my connections are wired and through gigabit switches at my 2 media centers So if you were going to buy a new router what would you pick for the best streaming capabilities? I...