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    commoncache failed to start

    running kodi and gotham on pc, and everytime I start either 1 of them I keep getting message "commoncache failed to start" on lower right hand corner. any way to fix this? thanks. Merry X-mas.....
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    Server to Busy...?

    are you guys having server problems again...?? still getting " server to busy" message all the time again.... :( took forever to get on for this post....
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    Librtmp.dll file?

    where would I find the librtmp.dll file on the ouya? and how would I replace it with the latest one? I am trying to update it for Spor**dev*l. lots of my Spor**dev*l streams don't work right now.... thanks for any help.
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    (New) XBMC 13.1 Beta1 Gotham

    Only a week ago we released the stable version of 13.0 codename “Gotham”. So far, from the responses we have received, people are pretty excited about it and are happily using it. Now that more people are starting to use the stable release, several issues popped up, that we now hope to address...
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    Installing files

    what would be the easiest was to install a new slash.png file to the media folder in xbmc on ouya console? the ouya is rooted and I have root explorer file manager installed also. thanks for any help.
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    xbmc Contrast and Brightness?

    has anyone found a android version of xbmc that has brightness and contrast adjustment in video setting? lots of the movies I try and watch are dark. I know that there is adj. for that on ATV and pc xbmc. havn't found anything on android tho??
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    Server Busy.... error?

    I don't know if the site is have server problems now...? but lots of times when I try to log into the site now I keep getting a message that the server is to busy try again later or something like that.... I have never had any problems logging in before?? are you guys have server problems now??
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    downloaded movies?

    say if I download a movie from ice films from my ATV1 can I store the movie on my laptops HD? and then navigate to the movie later though xbmc on the atv1 and view it? if so how would I set it up so it will d-load it to the laptop? thanks for any help.
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    Frodo 12.2 background images?

    How do I change the background images for different screens like video, programs,weather, ect? on the Frodo 12.2 main screen? I would like to have different images for the weather, video,ect like Eden 11 has. thanks for any help.
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    Favorites.plx file?

    where would you find the favorites.plx file on the atv1? I installed CB2 on a usb and what to copy all my addons from my atv eden11 to the CB2... thanks for any help.
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    Nitro tv

    what would be the easiest way to install nitro tv on my jailbroken apple tv 1?
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    Not sure where to post this,but in the videodevil addon there about 7 or 8 broken links... is there anyway of fixing these? or is the videodevil addon not being suported anymore? thanks for any assistance....
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    Laptop to TV No audio?

    I have a problem that i hope someone can be able to figure out, because i can't! :confused: I have XBMC frodo 12 rc2 installed on my acer laptop my problen is that when i hook up my hdmi cable from my laptop to my samsung bigscreen tv to watch movies from XBMC i get the vidio working fine but...
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    Crystalbuntu & Frodo rc2

    I have crystalbuntu installed on my atv1 and is working fine. but now i'd like to update XBMC to Frodo RC2 does anyone have any ideas how to install the new frodo on the ATV1? thanks for any help....
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    Froto v12 b3 weather??

    in froto v12 b3 how do you change the temp setting from ferinhaut to celcius in the weather addon?? cant find it anywhere? thanks....
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    advanced settings.xml for atv 1st gen?

    just wondering, were can i d-load the latest advanced settings.xml file for the ATV 1st gen? thanks...