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  1. J RSS Feed is not working

    The RSS Feed at is not working. Feed Validator ( gives the answer: Server returned [Errno 1] _ssl.c:510: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure
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    France 24 Live Addon (Discontinued)

    If this addon is simply calling the France 24 stream to be played by the YouTube addon, then in addition to MPEG-DASH, etc, I believe that KODI v18 is also required for France 24 to work. See the following 2 posts on the forum...
  3. J

    Request You Tube Quota Exceded

    The Official YouTube Addon support thread, Personal API key Instructions, and FAQ are here (and in my signature too) on
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    [RELEASE] (Discontinued)

    With a VPN, yes.
  5. J

    Request Fre*view by RayW1986

    Or maybe try the new "TV" addon announced in this post: [RELEASE] It still needs a VPN outside the UK, but seems to work and has most of the same channels. Hope that helps :)
  6. J

    Numerous posts about 17.3 not working correctly

    Yeah, 17.3 works perfectly for me across multiple devices and OS. I suspect that most of this is user error.
  7. J

    FilmOn Simple Addon (Discontinued)

    Thanks for the update. Any chance of posting up a list of what free channels you have been able to include please?
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    WTF are all these I love TVAddons messages all about

    Yes, I have nothing against genuine positive feedback, but we now have a situation where, for example, after approximately 24 hours there were 10 pages of new posts instead of the normal average (for me) of around 3, and very approximately it seemed that 70% or more were 'thank you' posts. I...
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    WTF are all these I love TVAddons messages all about

    Yeah I'm not sure that this 'appreciation campaign' was such a good idea. All it has done is make this forum, the official, and others, full of spam thank you posts, each one creating a new thread with 1 post which will never be looked at again (or at all?), mostly for nothing... Maybe...
  10. J

    What skin are you using and why?

    Better than always creating endless new threads...
  11. J

    What skin are you using and why?

    I'm still using Xonfluence, because I have a mixture of devices and as far as I know this is still the best skin to work across tv set box, touchscreen, tablet, convertable, phone, etc, especially with its (optional) included of Home, Back, and Volume buttons right there on the screen. It's a...
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    YouTube exceeded quota.

    Or dont search, and don't follow other random tutorials, simply go to Page 1 of the Official Thread over at and follow the Official Instructions in Post #2. There you will find an easy step by step method, including screenshots. You may also want to read the FAQ in Post #3 too. Please...
  13. J

    VPN not working??

    There is also ********, which is a custom solution for video streaming from a well respected developer of Kodi addons, using IPVanish servers. This solution offers an integrated Kodi addon allowing switching countries to be accessible via the context menu, or it can even be set up to auto...
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    How save is Real-Debrid (Datalogging)

    PIA / your VPN isnt related to this thread. Real Debrid is not a VPN service.
  15. J

    Filmon TV Channels now no longer Free

    Another site suggested something similar: Kodi addons would be nice for these sites, but that will probably also cause the servers to immediately go down under the massive load that would follow ;)
  16. J

    Email Notifications

    This seems to happen semi regularly, and anecdotally seems to be around the same time that 'the server is busy' msgs start. I for one use the email notifications (both instant and weekly summaries) religiously to keep track of all my forums (not only here) but as i understand it a lot of the...
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    Platform update needed - KB2670838

    That thread on Kodi has several work arounds. The easiest seems to be to run the installer in Windows XP compatibility mode (which recently worked for me on an old Vista machine that was being naughty when updating from 17RC1 to 17.1), however you will note in that thread that this is considered...
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    Solved YouTube 5.3.13 seems to be the latest working version

    Just a reminder that the Official YouTube support thread is over at here: And Post #1 on Page #1 has notes and links about the latest version(s).
  19. J

    You Tube Question?

    See the link in my signature and refer to the FAQ in Post #3 for the answer to your question.