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    Request VPN and lack of sources

    Hi there, I have just subscribed and installed expressvpn on my nvidia shield as I wasn't getting many sources when searching for videos, I believe it's all set up correctly but I still do not seem to be getting many sources and the Ines I do get are the likes of openload, vshare and another one...
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    Screen size issue

    Hi all since updating whenever I play a video the video plays as if it's super zoomed in, I have tried adjusting the picture and can just about get it to fit, but then when I go back to the kodi home screen, that's super zoomed in?? And of course if I adjust that to fit my screen when I then...
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    Updating kodi on android box

    Hi I got my android box pre installed fully loaded with addons and the menus and configuration by the person has been done really well, Now that I need to update kodi will I loose everything that the person did and have to start from fresh? Thanks Steve