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    Using microphone (Minix A2) with Mygica (495 or 1900) yes/no? Webcam?

    I'm wondering if the built-in microphone in the Minix A2 will work with the Mygica 495 or 1900. I'm asking specifically for use in skype. Bonus question: How well do USB web-cams work on Android boxes in general, and (if anyone know) the Mygica boxes in particular? Again I'm asking in terms...
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    New to set-top streaming boxes - need to ask a few basic questions.

    I'm new to set-top media boxes, and have been asked by some family relatives to look into this and see what it's all about. I'm refering to the "Kodi Fully Loaded" (or KFL for short) thing. I have some basic questions that I haven't seen asked or answered in the general media or on other web...