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    Kodi 17.6 buffering issue

    If I may, So my guess is that you're using one of the non-approved plugins (like Genesis) to stream/torrent the movies? You can try changing some of the cache buffer settings, but your mileage might vary. And if this issue is being caused by special addons for Kodi then you need to read this...
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    VPN Expiring. Need Recommendations

    Agreed, After reading this review on Nord VPN. I don't have any issues using NordVPN on my PN connection with iPhone, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad or Raspberry PI. I also had PIA before that and was OK.
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    Which VPN is Best?

    You shouldn't use free VPNs for your own security. I've been using for a while now BulletVPN and I'm really glad about my decision, never had any issues. It might seem a little bit expensive but can find promo codes easily and as now I just renewed mine a week ago and...