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    ATV4 MrMC

    Looks like davilla is testing a stripped down Kodi for the ATV4 app store. I'm not computer savvy but looks like the non-pirate add-on functionality will be there in order to be app store approved (something something python removed?) Any insight on how this might lead to tvaddons fork to move...
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    Initial Release OSMC Kodi 15 on USB For ATV1...HDD install looks imminent

    Sam Nazurko rocks. BCHD sounds like it will work in his build. Runs off a USB only for now but moving towards HDD install... This thing never dies.
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    ATV 2 Gotham Official Release - Crashes to Frontrow after 1 or 2 movies play

    I tried adding to a conversation at but made the ghastly mistake of saying that I used Maintenance to clear my cache and got link here With a March 20something build of Gotham I was getting frequent crashes on my...
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    Video Devil

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with Video Devil at the moment. Motherless streams do not seem to play this last week. Will post a log when I have access. Thanks
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    Is there a Advanced Settings XML for Apple TV 1st gen available via fusion

    Hopefully not a dumb question: Does XBMC Hub have a downloadable Advanced Settings XML that is specifically for Apple TV 1st gen similar to the one for IOS/ATV2 as per Thanks (and thanks for...