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    @jbizzy, Kodi doesn't seem to support this add-on, XBMC still seems to work, Spring training games starts this Monday the 3rd, so we won't know for sure if this add-on works as it did last year (2014) Being a MLB.TV prem. member myself, I used the app from XBMC, when possible, but having a...
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    Microsoft to support Raspberry Pi 2 with a free version of Windows 10

    A full Windows PC for just $35?
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    Getting Kodi on ATV2

    @phaedra57, Did you get it all up and running? And are you using the 1st generation as your post states or ATV 2nd generation as the thread suggests?
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    Looking for addon for TV

    @EwOkiE Give Eldorado's Repo a try, enable The Giddy Up Network (tgun) addon, I haven't used it in a while but it did play 24/7 streams. Might be what you're looking for.
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    App Shortcuts, a Fire TV remote app launcher, has been released
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    Amazon Prime Membership will be $72 this Saturday only
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    Cloned card setup - no sound

    Smartalec2, guessing no one else had this sort of problem? Anyway, next time this happens, tell your friends to check the settings, You're settings might not match their setup. I do this all the time for my brothers and sister, and sometime I'll get a call at night while I'm watching TV that...
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    Help with SD/USB install

    @vikingsfan sorry for the delayed respond to your question, every time I logged on someone pulled me away from my laptop. :o here are the last 4 that I bought: SanDisk 32GB 32G Cruzer Ultra Fit SDCZ43-032G USB 3.0 Nano Flash Pen Drive CZ43 (Have not used yet) Patriot 32GB Supersonic Rage...
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    Fire TV For $59 (Plus Tax and $3.49 Coupon) At Staples On-Line Til Nov. 20!

    @JAPGEISHA Once you paid for the coupon it should show you a code, also they send you a confirmation email with the code, go to Staple online store and purchase a FTV on the bottom left side it should be an option to add a coupon, before you complete the transaction of purchasing the FireTV...
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    Help with SD/USB install

    This happened to me twice with different USB flash drive, the last time I was lucky to remember that it was still under warranty. And yes I tried Mini tool, HP USB format, other Google threads regarding "Read Only" SD cards and USB flash drive, I threw the kitchen sink at it and still the same...
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    Spark turns your Fire TV into a Chromecast

    I didn't see this posted (perhaps I missed it?) Also I haven't tried it yet, but will for sure. :) Admin & Mods if this is not allowed please forgive me and do as you wish with this thread. Info: Download...
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    Fire Tv for $64 at Staples after $30 coupon

    Sale Price: $5.49 Only 1 left in stock -- order soon Staples $30 off $80 online / phone coupon Expires: 11/01/2014: Sale Price: $5.49 Expire: 2014/10/25 Staples $30 off $80 coupon Online only...
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    Fire Tv for $64 at Staples after $30 coupon

    Sweet gang, we owe it all to mulliganman for letting us know about this deal! :)
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    Fire Tv for $64 at Staples after $30 coupon

    I forgot all about this thread until right now, my deal was not as sweet but yet sweet enough ;) $66.62 USD, with a $25 coupon. Staples Sale: Only good till tomorrow. $25 Coupon...
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    can we still root firetv or not ?

    Just to confirm, I bought one from Amazon and it arrived last Thursday (09/25) with version I thought I rooted it by blocking the sites (didn't work for me) was able to install Kodi remove Kodi and install XBMC 13.2...Also able to change Classic TV icon to show Kodi icon...
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    Error in mount storage when booting with new usb3.0 stick and sd card combo

    @rafahol, hope no one minds me adding to this thread, Whenever I get this mesage I either forgot to rename the KERNEL to kernel.img or I forgot to add a cmdline.txt (boot=LABEL=SYSTEM disk=LABEL=STORAGE ssh quiet) and last the USB or sd card is not snugged in.
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    Using OE I just downloaded their latest version and reinserted the flash drive, yes deleting all and restarting all.
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    Opinions Highly appreciated :'(

    @nabilbek truly this is a personal like or dislikes, AFTV looks good, from their ads, but MHO I just want to load XBMC and watch TV, I have both ATV 1 & 2, TLBB, MX and Minix Neo along with XBMC on my PC, laptop, Note3 and iPad, and yet the Pi is what I mainly use, Its small, easy to configure...
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    Opinions Highly appreciated :'(

    I love the Pi if you have everything needed as mentioned above then it will cost nothing but the Pi itself, If not (You don't have any of the extra needed) then it is still a cheap alternative for watching TV. You can watch USTV and a few other Live TV using Na*i-X or one or two other...
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    @robbie - when you added the CrystalHD Broadcom Video Accelerator Card, you replaced/removed the wireless card. You can use a wireless antenna, using the rear usb port.