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    Raspbmc Yatse Remote sending wrong commands

    Sorry I know this is 21 days later but if you are still having problems with the software you can reset it in setting (Manage Settings), you can also remove (Manage XBMC) and do the remote layout without having to uninstall and reinstall.
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    Is There A Guide To Adding A USB Stick To An Already Running Raspbmc On A SD Card?

    tuxen my apologies for not replying sooner, I tried your suggestion, but I had a few other problems I was trying to figure out. In the meantime I set the SD card back to how it was until I picked up a SDHC 64g (This did not work for me) I also picked up power cables from England made for the Pi...
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    Is There A Guide To Adding A USB Stick To An Already Running Raspbmc On A SD Card?

    Hi Frederick_99, any chance on how you did this? I am trying to OC my pi and just can't seem to get there, the other steps were as easy as can be.
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    Audio not working but only on xbmc

    Not sure why no one replied other than this question was probably answered a few times, but in case someone looking for help stumbles upon this thread, if using an ATV using the remotes up navigation button should turn the volume from mute to high, if an passthrough error pops up then in "audio"...
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    Ive seen something i now need but cant remember where it was :)

    I know this thread is almost a year old, but figured what the heck? I always try to bookmark but there are times I forget and kick myself for not doing so. LOL Also here...
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    Screwed up

    When you updated to Frodo, did you by chance update the Apple firmware as well? Asking because it looks as if you have a TETHERED device now. Having done so myself & unfortunately I took the update via OTA and not via iTunes, nor did I save my blob. :mad: lol. Took this from James over at...
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    How to install openELEC to a HD or USB

    tuxen Thank you very much for this thread, took me a bit to get it up and running but well worth the struggles. So that everyone know what I am using, its a PC (Windows 7) and a 2.0 usb stick, my Pi has never ran as good. Again tuxen, thank you for starting this thread. :D