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    Version 5.0.28 availability.

    a couple of obscure repos have version 5.0.28. Koditips blog also addresses 5.0.28 as latest update. However, it's not available via your repo or your fusion site. Please advise.
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    Kodi 18 Skins Query

    Hwy2015 developed a good one with 25 video shortcuts for Helix. It has been modified by others for Krypton. Hoping to see it modified for Leia. Fingers crossed. Most users I talk to do not like Estuary skin.
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    Kodi 18 Skins Query

    Anybody working on a modified Confluence skin with added shortcuts for Kodi 18?
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    I've used Real-Debrid for a couple of years now and have been a strong supporter of the service. Very recently Real-Debrid has been experiencing problems completing 3rd party authorizations. I have since subscribed to All Debrid which is working. Despite All Debrid having more hosts at the...
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    No Addons in my repositories .

    The sever at is down. This is currently the server where the repository redirects you to get addons.