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    How do I get Indigo to work?

    I have a preloaded Kodi Android box that has Indigo already loaded as a program add-on and a video add-on. However, when I try to open it I get a error message that says it's "unavailable, try later". One reason I got this particular box was that automatically updates 👍. But I'm not sure that...
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    Which VPN server is best to use?

    I have a flashed router using Nordvpn (love it because I can protect all devices connected 👍. I'll deal with download/upload speed issues I'm having in a dual router setup in another post). I'm in the US but am I better protected from legal consequences connected to a server in another country...
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    XBMCMART Android Box

    I'm sure that this has been covered already but anybody out there familiar with how to download video add-ons to the XBMCMART Android Box? Most of the video add-ons are non working and the ones that do have been working intermittently lately (IPTV, StreamTV). I also subscribe to Beyond Media but...