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    Channel List editor M3U

    Hi all! Here's a tip for a good m3u editor called PlaylistEditorTV . I have been in contact with the developer and have suggested a few improvements, and boy did Isayso respond! Isayso have totally re-worked the application. Download: It's now easily...
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    Forum Edit Post button please

    Hi! It would be nice if you could grant users the privilege to edit their own posts. I often like to go back and make corrections afterwards. As of right now, after you have posted your thread, it is set in concrete. Dobbelina 😁
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    FFmpeg Recorder

    Hi all! I got bored testing different addons in regard to recording/downloading, as none of them seems to work the way i want. so i decided to make use of ffmpeg configured as an external player. By doing that it will be avaliable for all addons that has playable links, and the download for...
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    Auto Resume Livestreams

    Hi all! I have figured out how to auto-resume livestreams that can cut-off from time to time. It's a simple Autohotkey script that i compiled into an exe. So what does it do? It checks the colour on 2 different coordinates every 2 seconds on the screen, therefore i choose 2 spots at the bottom...
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    Plexus revived v0.1.8

    Hi! As you all may know, the popular P2P stream addon Plexus can not be installed cause the installfile in the last release( points to servers that no longer exist. I found a new source for these files at leylayz repository on github. Therefore i have edited in these in the...