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    Since a few days thousands of DNS queries

    Also had similar issues with dns errors. Did not know what to do and decided to change secure sertificates on my website, I used and its helped a lot. Now I do not have problems with dns servers.
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    Since a few days thousands of DNS queries

    change some dns adress
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    SSL Error

    The owner of website do not need to forget about secure certs. Certificates are divided into groups based on the type of verification, the number of domains and subdomains, browser trust, and brand. I am user of comodo ssl
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    SSL Error

    check secure certificate
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    VPN Performance issues

    I use vpn for my work and want to start my online enterprise. So vpn is very important tool for online work. I also interested in saas development , SaaS development is a challenging process.
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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    If you have Mac you can spell this vpn for mac because I need often use vpn for watching youtube and social media. Because during traveling some websites and social media are banned.
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    Setup an nfs share on windows (free)

    I got, thanks for sharing
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    VPN Unlimited

    vpn unlimited sounds nice.
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    VPN is legal in Belgium

    Sure, European contries use vpn tools
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    VPN Expiring. Need Recommendations

    express vpn
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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    Agreed. I used norton two years