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    No movement on film/tv list

    Hi, I have had a few problems recently, in other posts, but this one has just started happening in the last few days. I have a Kodi android box, running Krypton v17.6..... I can normally open ******, and list films, say of a particular year, and click enter on any in the list, and then gives a...
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    No zip files

    Hi, I have a Kodi box running Krypton v17.6, which has hd a few problems recently, and as it was behaving a bit strange. So I reset some stuff, and I wanted to load a few things back on. But I have followed the instructions on several videos but no zip files show, whatever URL I put in. I can...
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    no streams error

    Hi I have tried everything. Followed youtube videos, looked up advice. Downloaded url resolver. cleared cache reset numerous times whereas I was getting a lot of streams coming up in ******, now not getting any have krypton17.6 I think this is the latest any assistance would be appreciated...