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    Netflix addon says installed but not found in Video addons

    I have a Raspberry Pi2 running raspbian Linux 8 (Jessie) kernel 4.4.6-v7+ and Kodi 15.2 Compiled Dec 28 2015 From the Programs tab I selected Addon Installer and searched for Netflix. 2 items showed up both the same version. Selected one and installed it. Showed alerts saying Downloading...
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    Why so many "No stream available" ?

    I love older British detective TV shows. But there are so many instances where the shows and series appear in a search result but in to many cases I get the "No streams available." And it's not just TV shows.... there are many movies as well - even from the last 10 years where the same thing...
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    Kodi 15 + RPi2 & Mac OS X experiments re video buffering

    Occasionally I get video stuttering/buffering issues on my 2 systems when streaming using Kodi. So I did some experiments to try and understand and this is a report on the results and conclusion for my case. (1) The 2 systems I have are a) HW: Mac Pro Desktop early 2009 (4,1)with 2...