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    Beware of PureVPN

    I have heard that Cyber******* caught after PureVPN coughs up logs to FBI A 24-year-old Massachusetts man named as Ryan Lin has been arrested in a Cyberstalking case which in part was brought after one of the largest VPN providers, PureVPN handed over information that linked Lin to his alleged...
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    Indigo speed test very inaccurate

    The reason I do a test is to check my system, ISP and VPN, and I so I want a test server that will not add or subject to the MBPS; so that any problems streaming it is not on my side. If I try 3 test servers and they indicate the average is over 30 MBPS for example, and Indigo tester is showing...
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    Indigo speed test very inaccurate

    Ideally it would be better to check the server speed one is streaming from, before streaming, but that will need a miracle, because then they would have no excuse on the poor speed.
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    PrivateInternetAccess - Top VPN Provider

    I have used it for over a year, but I am looking to change, because it slows down Mbps at peak times, and at times I can't access the internet with it, and I have to disconnect. Windows updates have also have effected it, and I had uninstall and re-stall. Off peak times it normally works okay.
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    Indigo speed test very inaccurate

    You are correct, I have tried numerous testers, and the Indigo is widely different on the very low side.
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    can i play blu ray disks?

    I did see a plugin for Kodi to play Blueray disks. Have a look on the addons.
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    Not yet, because gotham 13.2 is not broken, so I am not trying to fix it.
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    German add ons/videos

    The internet is a good source, where if you go to the German TV sites there is many videos that can be stream.
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    what is everyone using for speakers, audio Output?

    In my experience Bose speakers, are excellent on design, but poor on quality of sound, for the money. I have 7.1 missions about 20 years old with my amp set to THX. I just tested out my Blu ray player in my HTPC with Blu ray disc Twister. The sound and visual effects were outstanding.
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    Constant Buffering

    It is the source, because it is usually okay at off peak times. It is a pity we could not store more of a stream before playing, to over come it.
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    Stand alone PVR

    Is anyone using a stand alone PVR with window XBMC ?
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    What is the right choice for wireless keyboards?

    I use the K400 without problems, you can read reviews about it on Amazon.
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    So many problems it's unreal

    Probable best to uninstall xbmc and reinstall Installing the Hub Wizard into window XBMC program SYSTEM-File manager > Add source > None and enter : > Done and enter: fusion > Done > ok > fusion should now be seen on the left and...
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    streaming movies illegal in england?

    I prefer innocently testing my system.
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone I am new to the scene, and will be building a Media PC in the next few weeks, so I hope to learn plenty to use it to the full.