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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    what if i dont wanna provide my info credit card info . I'm using just amazon free account rot activate the firetv but never activated it using my info cards ect . thx
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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    How can I sync using my phone never done that before thx Humm I checked the site and it only allow the download for android devices. I got iPhone :(
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    kodi keymap default

    you the man it did the job well
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    kodi keymap default

    thx lot you hit the target :cool:
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    firetv and games

    plz does firetv when using kodi will have access to a free games to download if so how thank you .
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    is kodi 14 available for apple tv 1st gen

    kodi 14.2 runs great the only problem now the site is down to make a flush usb for a none jailbroken atv1
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    kodi keymap default

    i did all off them none gives the option I'm looking for .which is hit the return button and the movie stop i can do that with spmc but not kodi but i like kodi so not sure what option in map keys to go for because i tried all of them
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    kodi keymap default

    anyone knows what number of keymap kodi has as default ? using kodi if press return button it does not stop or exit the movie . the movie keep plying and i have to press the select button then hit stop . thx i don't know which keymap number the edit it to thx
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    yes it does
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    apple tv 2 and kodi 14.2

    does apple tv 2 takes and work well with kodi14.2 ? mine crashes and don't wanna open kodi 14.2 . if not how can i go back to kodi14.1 using the apple tv 2 thank you
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    apple tv crash with 14.2 how to go back to 14.1 pizza

    apple tv crash with 14.2 how to go back to 14.1 i did the instal kodi using into i only get 14.2 which crash the system can not open to kodi keep just rebooting . i wanna go back to kodi 14.1 how to do that thx
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    Amazon firetv. Remote. Replacement

    Lost my original amazon firetv remote Amazon is selling them for 30 + shipping And the remote for fire stick is 15 Does the remote for firesticks works for amazon firetv Anyone can confirm. Thx
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    Bricked firetv help won't recover

    sure bro we exchange talk and idea and what what we read and experience . we are all here as family feel free to say anything you want . thx for coming to share things with us .
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    Bricked firetv help won't recover

    Thx but that's not the case at all. And I'm not sure why poeple are in panic Simply you can not root a box if it does not have the right ver to be rooted
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    Bricked firetv help won't recover

    thx brother i could do that using keyboard but in the end does not boot . firetv can not recognize the remote . i will see if i can get a solution and report it this way may help other thx bro god bless
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    Bricked firetv help won't recover

    i fixed many bricked firetv amazon using the keyboard and 3 keys simultaneously: Alt + Print Screen + i then home button and restore to factory . but this time i got this firetv from friend to help him out with the problem all the steps went good but even when i did the factory restore...
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    is it possible to have xbmc and still have access to amazon account ???

    thank you all for your time and help i really appreciate that. i think you are right deregister and use new account thx
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    Fire TV For $59 (Plus Tax and $3.49 Coupon) At Staples On-Line Til Nov. 20!

    I just have a question Plz Are these coupon codes legitime I used them in store before. But now they don't accept them in store Only on line . I asked why. One employee said that these code are generated from a 3th party Illigitime way. Can someone get in trouble for buying these code and...
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    is it possible to have xbmc and still have access to amazon account ???

    I'm really sorry for the confusion and i appreciate your concern and help . i should have done it better way so that you can understand my goal . i registered the firetv to an amazon email that i created only for the purpose of installing xbmc . i installed the xbmc which was at first the...
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    is it possible to delete some apps from the application firetv not rooted .

    if the firetv is rooted yes you can using app to freez them and they don't show on the application menu . i will try what was posted and report thx