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    Just a friendly rant, its a shame there's still so much poor quality sources

    I've been messing with Kodi for about as many years as its been around, especially following the add ons (Ex**us and Redux are my current faves). I'm sure the contributors are compensated in some way for their trouble, but its a shame that what I'd call "junk" providers are not weeded out. The...
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    What is new here?

    Just responding to a recent email that said these forums were back up, and there were some new rules. I didn't see any new rules at any links in the email, so could someone tell me what is new in the rules? Is it still OK to discuss addons to Kodi like Cov**ant, Plac*n*a, etc? Also, I don't...
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    netflix download possible in Kodi?

    I probably have misplaced this question, because I still haven't learned to isolate where the download feature is coded. I currently have Kodi, along with Indigo, and Ex**us addons on a Windows box, and have been delighted to see that beyond just streaming provider content, I can choose to...