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    Which VPN is Best?

    i use HMA with combine OpenVpn
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    Idigo error message

    i use Kodi 17.5 with and works fine...
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    Looking for a free VPN

    try this service orr... JoyVPN it's FREE
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    adbfire push failure

    try with... Package name: co.tvaddons.tvmc File Path: /files/.tvmc
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    Confluence Skin Update

    thank u, i had a old version from Confluence skin now i have the latest current
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    OpenVPN and HTC One M7 Android Phone

    no one an idea?
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    OpenVPN and HTC One M7 Android Phone

    hello people, i have a HTC One M7 Android phone with Android 5.0.2 (rooted), and i install the Kodi 16.1 Jarvis and works fine. Now i also install the OpenVPN app and add my login informations OpenVPN provides connect and disconnect shortcuts, i have created the shortcurts and were...
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    Welcome back everybody

    back to the roots... thx
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    xml requests '3' ? Somewhere ?

    hello people, i would be very happy, if this were possible thanks cezi1