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    No covers/art thumbnail in all addons

    Hello. As from yesterday no covers/thumbnails appearing in all addons for all movies. What happened? Any help? Thank you. My device is an android tv box running linux version of xbmc.
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    Mister x repository

    Hello It's been 2 days now that the MISTER X REPOSITORY has the content of RODRIGO REPOSITORY! :) I cannot installed the content of MISTER X because probably someone messed up the repos content Thank you
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    No Covers on many addons after restore or reinstallation

    Hello I am dealing with a problem. When i am making a restore using xbmc backup for example not all main covers for addons are restored. Also i made a fresh restart and when i tried to re install the plugins there were no covers at all in every addon. When i am saying covers i mean the main...
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    When use other skins cannot change network settings

    Hello. I have a problem with the XBMC. I tried to use and installed different skins except the default. When i took my tv-box to another house and tried to connect it with the network of my friend it seems that i cannot change the network settings and connect it with his wi-fi. I have to...