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    g4 mini mac running 10.3 will it or wont it that is the ?

    hi all thought i would come back to pick your brains once again, i have a couple of g4 mac minis both pre intel and having become hooked on xbmc my big Q is will it work on them. i have tried to install it but i get the message "you cannot open the application "xbmc"because it may be damaged or...
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    New 160hdd only shows as 40 on atv 1 can i use ssh to fix it

    Hi I am sure this will have been asked many times before but hey this is the right place to ask it again My problem is I have just replaced my atv1 hdd from a 40gb to a 160gb and all is fine but I must have missed a step as the atv still thinks it has a 40gb hdd drive in it. I don’t want to...