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    RD links

    Since updating the URL I am now getting very few, if any, 1080 or HD RD links! I have checked settings and all seem the same, cleared cache etc. Any ideas appreciated......:confused:
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    Nvidia Shield K1??

    Glad to see the hardware section back on, I am sure it won't be long before it's busy........:rolleyes: Any way, back to my query. I need a new tablet, (Android as I do not like the Apple restrictions..), but, as I am travelling a bit, would also like to use it with Kodi connected...
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    Trakt Issues......

    Hi, Use Trakt with RD and all good until tonight. Even though "Hide Watched" is ticked in side window, all my watched seasons and episodes in My Collection are visible. I re initialized my Trakt account but no difference...... That is in Ex**us. SA*TS seems to be ok, if slow. Velo**ty, I...
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    7.1 sound?

    Hi, I am using WePlayer with Kodi Jarvis on a Wetek Core, (which I think is great), and it is connected to a Yamaha DTS Surround Sound 5.1 amp of about 9 years old, which I do like and am very happy with. I notice recently more and more tv series with 7.1 sound, (The Man in the High Castle as...
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    Hi, I have a 5.1 surround sound system, (Yamaha) connected to my android box, (Wetek Core) which works fine and I use Trakt and Real Debrid. However, I am finding more and more 7.1 streams on RD, particularly with tv shows, Goliath being an example. When I try to play these on my standard set...
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    What's Down????

    I appreciate some of the Developers have pulled some of their add ons due to them being used "illegally, and i support their position totally. But, would it be possible to list what is not working as it can be confusing? Like, MetalKettles seems to be strange, bits work and bits don't. Sports...
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    Best tv/movie addon

    Hi, Just wondering what is the best one click tv and movie add on? Was using, (not sure if I can mention it????) Show*ox, but it appears to be down and it was great for friends and family who cannot be bothered to look for links etc. So something similar, an all-in-one and similar in...
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    I know that the developers of the add on's have been getting a lot of well deserved praise lately, but I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to the moderators and the people behind the scene of, as I am sure they all have a life as well and without them and their time maintaining...
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    Won't turn off?????

    Very happy with my Kodi set-up at the moment, but just a quick question. When I click the "off" button on bottom left of screen and then click "exit" on the window that pops up, it wont!!!!!!! Locks with the "exit" screen, stays on all the time and I have to use the home button to get back to...
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    I know I have asked questions in various add on sections about Trakt, and I hope that this is not regarded as repeating myself, as that is not my intention. I was just wondering if it is possible to set up Kodi with Trakt so that if you use any add on that works with Trakt, it will...
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    Happy Christmas

    Just want to wish everyone on the forum, and particularly the developers a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please keep up the good work for the New Year it is appreciated. Cheers, Tony.
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    Developers, Thanks.

    Not sure if this is posted in right place or not, so, moderators please feel free to move/delete as required. Anyway. I just want to say that I am an “oldie”, (60+), and only started using Kodie in June 2014. (Chinese Android TV Box), I am fairly techie but did find it a steepish learning...
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    St.Patrick's Day.

    Just to wish all at Kodi a Happy St.Patrick's day, especially all the coders who put so much time and effort into their Repos, it is deeply appreciated......:D:D:D:D Take time off and have a few green Pints........... Cheers, Tony.
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    Favourite Movies Removal.........

    I use Genesis most for movies etc. and have accumulated a lot of watched movies in "My Genesis, Favourite Movies" folder that I want to remove. Is there any way to multiple select them and delete in one go? :confused: Such as you do in a Window's folder using "Ctrl". Thanks, Tony.
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    Movie/show info???

    Probably me, but was there in XBMX 13. Use Genesis a lot, but also Prime Wire, and just trying to get "movie info" working again. Doesn't work in either!!!!! Window pops up ok with all the different options and "add to favourites" works fine, but no "Info" which was great. :confused: Thanks...
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    "Search" function.

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone might have some ideas. The "search" function on all my add-ons, Genesis, Ic*f*lms etc, has ceased to work. :mad: The Search window does appear but there is no letters/numbers on the on-screen keyboard and using a remote keypad does not work either. This was all ok...
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    Asked question in the TVBC thread but it appears no one could answer so asking here in the hope someone can help. In all variations of Kodi, TVBC, SPBC everytime I load it I get the message " Commoncache did not load". Even though i have checked it in the apps list and it says it is...
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    Which Rockchip??????

    I have one of these that works ok, but as you can see it has a Rockchip RK3188. As there are newer ones out now with the RK3288, just wondering if there was a HUGE difference in speeds and would it be worth upgrading?:confused: Thanks. :D
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    Icons Disappeared?????

    Not sure where to post this, but as it is add on related, will take a chance here. Had XBMC nicely set up on my Android Box, used a clean-up to clean out rubbish, it apparently cleaned out the add-on icons in XBMC, so now I don't have any icons for Navi, Genesis, P2P etc. etc. Also, on the...
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    When I start XBMC I am now getting a message in bottom right hand corner, "Failed to start Commoncache", what does this mean and how, or do I need, to fix it? :confused: