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    Whew! is BACK!

    Well, let me be amongst the first to breath a sigh of relief. Good to see is back up and running again. We never appreciate the things we have till it's taken away. I found myself checking several times a day for any news. Searching around I found there is just no other resource...
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    Sequence Of Steps To Load Software for Fire TV

    While I'm waiting on my Fire TV to be delivered I thought I'd read up a little on the various steps involved to install XBMC (Kodi). I'm coming from an ATV1. I think I have a handle on side loading XBMC, mounting an external drive and rooting. Is the order in which these steps are done...
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    ATV1 - Frodo 12.3 Upgrade?

    I am currently running OpenELEC 3.2.4 on ATV1/Crystal Broadcom HD. How can I upgrade to Frodo 12.3 and will I lose my addons from 12.2 if this is possible? Thanks!