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    Hunting shows

    Anything working? Where do I find it? Thanks
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    Check log for more informations

    I get that as well and was also wondering where this log is.
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    Which kodi file do I install on my device? Android or Linux?

    I tried searching but I can't find the info. I need. I have a generic device that says android on it. When I turn it on initially it shows 3 penguins. kodi shows penguin to be a Linux file? Any help? Thanks in advanced.
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    Channels from Roku

    Any way to get these channels on kodi?
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    Outdoors, Hunting & fishing

    Looking to find any content. I have helix installed on windows with fusion. I have been searching but have only come up with Youtube and History channel stuff. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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    Hello everyone!

    Good to be here! Trying to learn this interesting hobby. I just started by installing Kodi in windows to try it out with fusion installer for the addons. I plan to move into a player as soon as I figure out what I need.