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    Middle Aged Man Says Hello

    Thanks great bit of advice there and I've already done so on both the Android build (fireTVstick) and my Windows build. I'm just a little annoyed at myself as I have no idea how to set up a VPN to enable the correct working of certain Video addons, as I'm a UK resident and am blocked from...
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    new member, aligatorhardt - begining level knowledge of computers

    Hi aligatorhardt, Did you de-fragment your hard drive before installing ? Poor program handling is often a result of a freshly installed programs getting written onto a heavy fragmented hard drive. Also it would be nice to know a little more about your system i.e. CPU speed, Ram capacity...
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    Middle Aged Man Says Hello

    Hello. The story so far : 4 days ago - First heard about Kodi and immediately downloaded a windows version, watched a ton of YouTube videos and was no wiser when I went to bed. 3 days ago - Had my first success navigating though the correct installation procedure of video addons and...