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    Indigo tool: No addons found!?

    The Indigo tool will not load any addons in the addon installer. The website also states that there are no addons found. No addons found There are currently no addons available in this section
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    24/7 Trakt list addon

    Trakt Playlist addon Is there anyway that one of the awesome devs here could make a Trakt Playlist addon or maybe add this feature to an existing addon? I would like to have an addon that turns lists for movies and tv shows into a playlist. First the user makes or likes a list on...
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    Petition to Close Kodi Trademark Infringing YouTube Channels

    If you would like to sign the petition here is the link.
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    Request Art for Meta Video Addon

    If anyone has the time could you do a full theme for this new addon Meta Video Addon? The dev is working on a release with trakt support right now. The dev. doesn't know that I am requesting a full theme for his addon. I just really enjoy using...
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    queue lists?

    It would be great if we could make a custom list on and then queue the list to autoplay everything in the list. With this feature we could basically create our own 24/7 playlist without library integration. If there is an add-on that does this already let me know. Thanks