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    New to ATV 1

    Had this problem with my old atv1 no dependancies met so went down the route of installing openelec on a thumb drive. If you go to there a step guide how to make up your thumb drive, quite straight forward :) mines working better than before and a lot faster than my atv2
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    What's up with turning your tv up or down?
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    Firmware 5.2.1 (6025)

    Hi Mike try keeping your menu button pressed for ten seconds might free it. If not did you use seasonpass? Just plug the USB into the Atv still connected to power and click on the tethered jailbreak, it will run through its process and bingo your good to go again! Worth installing xbmc wizard...
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    Is the new Seasonpass jailbreak untethered?

    Yes it's tethered
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    Firmware 5.2.1 (6025)

    Had this same old problem for a couple of days! Finally sorted after much reading. Make sure your season pass and iTunes are current updates and if this fails change your USB lead! Tried about 4 leads all failed, used a blackberry playbook one and bingo ran straight through season pass it auto...
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    ATV2 Jailbreak question

    What's the latest on an untethered jailbreak guys any news? Although like above tethered still works great for me.
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    New Here

    Hi new to the site and first post!(so go easy on me ;) just got an atv2 running 4.4 software and would really like to know a basic step guide to jail breaking it and setting it up with xbmc hub wizard please? So like I said its running 4.4 and know not to instal updates? Have downloaded latest...
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    Hi guys and dolls new to the forum and must say what a great and informative site 😎