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    News Warning for Twitter Users in Japan Following Supreme Court Copyright Ruling

    lily had been copied from his website and posted to Twitter ! What a idiot once you put the photo on the internet it is PUBLIC DOMAIN !
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    Is USTVnow free TV dead ?

    I cant seem to watch any network channels like ABC or CBS
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    Half my addons are crashing KODI

    Is anybody else have a problem ?
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    Is the Server really that busy, as of late?

    I am having the same problem :(
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    Upgrade Kodi 17.0

    OpenElec is dead Try OSMC which comes with a Installer to make it easy for Kodi 17.1
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    Kodi noob needs help

    Sounds like the WIFI connection isn't to strong at the inlaws. Fire Stick has crappy wifi. I have setup many of them and it always turns out to be the problem
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    Fusion Couldn't retrieve directory information. Please Help

    The solution was found : check if you didn't accidentally enabled a proxy server in kodi: settings > system > internet access 'use proxy server' should be turned off there
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    New Fire TV Stick w/ ALexa Voice Remote

    Look forward in seeing it work ! You going to report back ?
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    New Fire TV Stick w/ ALexa Voice Remote

    Alexa does not work on KODI
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    Fusion Couldn't retrieve directory information. Please Help

    Make sure in Kodi settings check System/System/Internet Access ..... is turned off
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    updating TMDB API key for Genesis

    Genesis is not dead. It was forked ! Google ****** Kodi... It is not supported here
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    Walmart to start carrying Android boxes... The Mi Box to be specific at $69...

    They also have lesser priced boxes $44...
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    Anyone notice the HACK in viewing movies ?

    Use Ex**us movie search " Accidental Hero" and click play there is a bunch more but this will at least give you what im talking about. This one only shows one source.
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    Anyone notice the HACK in viewing movies ?

    The past several days I noticed when trying to stream some movies they always come up the same ! "The Room" its a soft porn film ! Anyone seen this ? It shows the correct title when selecting the movie but the DAM Porn shows up instead and its always "The Room" !!!! And this shows up on...
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    Amazon prime video

    Amazon Prime is encrypted so NO APP...
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    Are all sources created equal ?

    The other day I was in the mood to watch Hardball (2001) with Keanu Reeves and discovered EVERY addon I tried and every source had the same WRONG movie ! LOL Makes you wonder how these sources copy each other and how they are maintained. You would think one source would of had the correct...
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    USTVnow Appears to be down

    I think its counted as 45 days of uses. I register mine 2 years ago and still get HD but only use it for testing. So I know I only have a few hours on it.
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    So Lost - Is it even worth researching more?

    Since its a Android you should have Google Play Store on it. Open it then search for Kodi and install. Then read on how to install addons on kodi
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    Trouble setting up second firestik

    Fusion addon site is down
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    Best Add on for XX movies in particular and also XXX

    Video Devil is the best many sources =