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    Is USTVnow free TV dead ?

    I cant seem to watch any network channels like ABC or CBS
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    Half my addons are crashing KODI

    Is anybody else have a problem ?
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    Anyone notice the HACK in viewing movies ?

    The past several days I noticed when trying to stream some movies they always come up the same ! "The Room" its a soft porn film ! Anyone seen this ? It shows the correct title when selecting the movie but the DAM Porn shows up instead and its always "The Room" !!!! And this shows up on...
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    Are all sources created equal ?

    The other day I was in the mood to watch Hardball (2001) with Keanu Reeves and discovered EVERY addon I tried and every source had the same WRONG movie ! LOL Makes you wonder how these sources copy each other and how they are maintained. You would think one source would of had the correct...
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    Which Addon BROKE KODI ! Keeps rebooting

    Alright last night 2 of my RPI-2 with 6.0 opene elec and laptop with Windows 14.2 all of the sudden Crash all the same time ! The Laptop just has the popup saying Kodi has stopped working. The Pi's just boot up and after a minute or so they reboot ! Has to be a broken addon or repo Anyone else...
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    Looking for Music/Photo addon for Christmas

    For years been using my MCE extender with Windows 7 playing my Christmas music folder while a slide show of pictures from past Christmas ! Playing ......The extender died and since I have been using Kodi for movies want to see if any addons would help do both. Like select a folder called Xmas...
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    PLEX is held for ransom ! I guess they want some of that money PLEX over charges people to stream lol
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    Out of memory :(

    Anyone here using stb with built in TV tuner with android ? I just ran into a wall and wondered if anyone has a work around. My spec's are Android 4.2.2 Dual Core A9 IPTV Box CPU: AML8726-MX Up to 1.5GHz ARM Cortex Dual-core A9 + 1080P Media+Dual-3D GPU . Mali-400 GPU •Memory: DDRIII 1GB...
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    Time for a Redo

    Have XBMC on Windows PC running beautiful :) Been agonizing alittle with a Raspberry pi 512 with OpenElec 3.2.4 Been using it on my home network where it can see the movies on the windows server. I decided to take it on a road trip after having trouble with the yellow video jack and help here...
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    No Video on Composite

    I have scan many posts about it now I am confused :( Have Raspberry Pi 512 with Noob 1.3.2 and using openelec-RPi.arm-3.2.4 Frodo 12.2 Everything works fine on HDMI but last weekend went on a trip took it along with me and tried using the Yellow jack because thats all the TV can use. Now I am...
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    Network Hard Drive

    I have a dumb question I have a belkin router that supports a Hard Drive which I can see from all my Computers. Do I need a router that is media based ? I just want my other XBMC devices to see it. Don't plan on streaming outside of my home.