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    BBC iplayer Catchup TV

    Fingers crossed Sent from my GT-I9190 using Tapatalk
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    BBC iplayer Catchup TV

    Iplayer works with vpn. Problem is from 1 September you will need TV license to login. Hopefully add on uses generic login Sent from my GT-I9190 using Tapatalk
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    Request Addon

    Awesome site with German Live tv etc...Sport and variety of content. One was made but would prefer a tvaddons supported addon. cheers
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    Image Firmware Signing Instructions

    But surely if img Is renamed to zip . extract files. Change command line that unlocks cpu to remark or comment. Then zip and change back to img for flashing. In theory should be good to go
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    Image Firmware Signing Instructions

    Yes on my mygica 510b it's a no go. Reverted to 14.1. The issue seems to be they unlocked cpu to run at 1ghz where mygica was under clocked. This is causing loop going back a few firmwares. Only solution would be to modify so cpu is not unlocked
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    Image Firmware Signing Instructions

    Thanks @ccadi Will try this one. I renamed and flashed last upload but box goes into loop. Boots and at last minute returns to recovery menu over and over. Hope pivos didn't sneak in a new final check to block people on generic m3 boxes.
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    Hi everyone

    You can get a box for $50 to $70 on Amazon. Look for s812 amlogic Mali 450 GPU. Then use TVMC and. you got what you need..
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    Image Firmware Signing Instructions

    Pretty please @ccadi One last time mate. This box won't die...😀
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    PIVOS XIOS DS Media Play Question for Kodi

    @ccadi Have you stripped the hardware check from the new Pivos Tofu linux build yet ?
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    Why there is no Kodi available on PS3 or PS4?

    Makes more sense to get it running on PS4 as its architecture is closer to PC than the exotic PS3...
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    Help please cs918

    Let me know if you succeed..If not I will check if I can guide you getting it flashed and setup.
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    Another day another xbmc issue - Streams stop and return to menu

    People always make these complaints and forget the most important information. What device are you using? Which Android OS is it using? A combination of Older 4gb android boxes and zero cache tend to have this problem after awhile. Jellybean Os stores up lost files till space is low on device...
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    Help please cs918

    Penguins are normally a sign that the firmware is bricked. Most likely you will have to Flash new firmware. You should find firmware and a guide at Freaktab dot com. you should be able to sort it as its very hard to kill a box completely ... Good luck!!
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    You need a advancedsettings.xml. Install Tuxen setting and I recommend change cachemem size to 100mb. Should be perfect after that.
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    Updated my Laptop and one of my Android boxes. Other 3 are still on Gotham. Most addons work except for a few script errors here and there...
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    Men Tried for Extortion After Porn Download Threats

    Any group sending a demand out for more than the retail value of a movie/video should be charged with extortion. Perhaps if they did demand payment in line with the actual cost in stores they might receive more payments too...
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    MXIII amlogic s802 firmware

    @Bartjunited Your inbox is full mate!!
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    MXIII amlogic s802 firmware

    Freaktab dot com....Custom Roms etc
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    MXIII amlogic s802 firmware

    Go to settings. Then down to about device. Firmware should read 111k4. If its 110k4/109k4 its older firmware. No over the air updates. You will have to download rom and install via sd.
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    Bollywood TV & Movies

    Check out Movies by Country in Movies4Me when it comes back online shortly. Check India in movies by country. Enjoy new and old HD Bollywood movies. Addon is getting updated as the website had a little downtime...