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    Apple TV1 and a Satellite ISP

    Hi there, Trying to help a friend out with his apple TV. he has a Apple TV 1st gen. He is stuck in the sticks here and his only option of internet is through satellite. Know when i do a speed test on his computer it comes back with 4mb Dl 1 mb UL but his ping is over 800? I think this is...
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    ssh help

    Hi, i open terminal and type ssh [email protected]" " " " but i'm having newbie trouble. been searching for help but finding it alot harder than it should be to find lol. once I'm in how do i open the folders? i want to delete the .db files. thanks
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    atv open elec question

    Hi there, recently jailbroke a atv 1st gen for a friend using openelec. Xbmc loads up straight away when i turn it on. it doesnt let me go to the normal apple tv menu before and i cant get back to it anyhow. is this how it should be? TIA :)
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    Installing xbmchub on iPhone4 6.1

    Hi there. looking for some help from the gods here :) Installed xbmc through the repo in cydia installed xbmchub the same way. after i click configure XBMC local from the config wizard it finishes. but when i go back into XBMC nothing has changed. still cant find any video add ons? like...