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    Ouya sold

    Gaming company Razer has acquired the software of the Android microconsole maker Ouya. Ouya had tried to bring Android gaming to television. Now, Ouya’s accounts, controllers, games, as well as its technical and developer relations employees, will become part of Razer’s gaming system, Cortex...
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    Help Please

    This is what I did don't know if its right but it worked go to System and the File Manager --select profile directory--select Database find onechannelcache.db and delete it and restart. Hope this helps to delete that line hold down the menu button
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    cheaper at Staples

    Its 99.00. If you add something to make it more that 100.00 like paper clips and add coupon 90717 You get 15.00 off your order and free shipping.
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    Xbmc install using android phone method

    In the instructions under (connect my ip address) that should be your ip address for the Fire. You can find that in SETTINGS/SYSTEM/ABOUT/NETWORK in the Fire.
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    Amazon Fire TV?

    yes,just follow the guides.
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    Issue with Restoring to 5.3...

    try another computer
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    Is this fixable

    Thanks, used tiny umbrella to exit recovery. The Apple logo comes on for like 10 sec. then screen goes black and light keeps blinking. How can I get out of that.
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    Is this fixable

    I tried every combo I could. If it doesn't get out of dfu mode is it dead. Will try again. Thanks
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    Is this fixable

    Thanks for the help. Tried holding buttons but no luck.
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    Is this fixable

    My friend has an appletv 2. Was on eden 11 he tried updated thru nito to 12.2 Now when he plugs it in all he gets is a pic of usb cable pointing to a music note. The wht light is blinking,tried press remote menu and play button,but when it resets it goes back to pic of usb cable pointing to...
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    Best Buy sale

    At Best Buy they have the Ouya for $99 with extra controller and $10 gift certif.
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    Got mines a few days ago and like it. I'm not a gamer or a tech guy. I just read and like to tinker. Took like 30 minutes from start to finish to get xbmc up and running. Works fine. Can't say about HD stuff cause internet speed is crap. Loaded emulator and that worked fine. Only thing getting...
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    I think as everyday past, this will get a lot better. Once they get xbmc loaded these will fly off the shelf. Gaming is just a bonus. Cheap and portable.
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    My Father Since His Quadruple Bypass Surgery

    I read his blogs and can relate to everything he writes about. He has that old school thinking. Really enjoyed reading them. Tell him to stay healthy and keep on trucking.
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    happy to be here

    Want to say Hi to everyone. Just got into this and love watching all the tv shows I grew up on. Thanks to everyone that makes this site what it is. Awesome!