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    Help Please

    Please post a log file
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    Downgrade xbmc step by step guide

    I can help you via
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    Downgrade xbmc step by step guide

    Its in the maintenance tool, but you can also shsh and downgrade via terminal
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    ATV USB Creator and Gotham

    No problem, glad I helped
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    New to ATV 1

    what XBMC are you on?
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    ATV USB Creator and Gotham

    if you install cyrstalbuntu it will either install Frodo which will then auto update to gothem on the next boot, or it will install gothem automatically
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    Backup XBMC prior to new jailbreak

    Use xbmcbackup addon
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    Need help please

    Well is your computer Ethernet or wireless? Same question about device as well
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    Trying to get ubuntu onto ATV1

    You can choose either crystal buntu or openelce. Tell me which one and Il help
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    ATV USB Creator and Gotham

    USB installer will install only Eden
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    Can't Save Firmware Signatures From Any Firmware Version...

    How about a session?
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    SHSH Extraction Fail

    what ios are you on?
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    Copying XBMC setup

    use XBMC backup tool
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    Appletv 1 output major issues

    how about messing with the video output resolution in XBMC?
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    trying diff usb sticks on apple tv 1 ,not putting xbmc on apple tv

    I have used sandisk it works fine, or hp make sure its above 4gb
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    Request: Indonesian News TV addons

    il give you the codes then just upload them to the livestreams addon
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    2 Question about Nito Installer and Gotham

    Are they both on the same network?
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    [HOW TO] Update XBMC to the latest version APPLE TV 2

    No it wont you must use crystalbuntu or openelce to update
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    VPN Questions

    Hey guys here is my set up. I have a windows 8 computer with the softether vpn client. It works perfectly. I was just wondering is there anyway I can transfer that vpn to my apple tv?
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    iphone 4s

    maybe settings > video > playback disable video acceleration