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    Saving Blobs

    6.1.4 is the ios 5.3
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    pm box

    Yea 600 is a killer. Receiving about 6 or more pms a day makes it hard to respond
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    How To Save 5.3 Signatures!

    ifaith does the trick for me
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    GitHub - March 2014

    they were suffering a ddos attack
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    Hi all, i'm a little stuck :(

    best thing to do is start fresh shsh into the atv2 and delete userdata folder
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    Weird situtation

    By manually ? Did you shsh in and delete the user data folder?
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    Question about 5.3 firmware

    I believe they still are
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    Apple TV keep Amber light flashing and no signal

    Was a Ethernet cable plugged In while restoring?
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    buffering issue

    I think clearing cache helps
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    Can't find configure wifi

    In the XBMC settings app or normal settings?
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    Trying to upgrade xbmc on Apple 2

    Instead download nitoinstaller to your computer and click upgrade XBMC instead. @surfer made a excellent guide
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    Atv 1 running crystalbuntu help please

    Well to download to the harddrive only certain addons can allow you to download things to the hd. Ic*f*lms is one of them
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    Apple TV keep Amber light flashing and no signal

    Ok you can agree with your solution and i can agree with mine I've done countless apple tv's for people and I've never heard about the battery being the issue? If it stays on a black screen it means the software isn't booting and that is from a bad hard drive i bet if @jap re-installs osx...
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    Apple TV keep Amber light flashing and no signal

    Obviously I know what im talking about notice my title and my posts regarding help. Im not wrong your not understanding correctly. Im not saying to install cb. CB is Linux and if you don't know there is a option to restore from the program to your original osx firmware. No where did I say to run...
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    Apple TV keep Amber light flashing and no signal

    your harddrive is corrupt use cb to restore
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    Issue with Restoring to 5.3...

    Update in iTunes then downgrade with seasonpass
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    Season pass ATV2 issue

    I can help you via if you want
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    Season pass ATV2 issue

    you restored it via seasonpass you have to use the tool again to jailbreak
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    ios 3.0.2 :)
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    Crystalbuntu is the program you can download to your computer...