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    vevo tv not working

    Hello, noticed the other day that VEVO TV, VEVO and Music Video Juke Box are no longer working. Is this due to changes to You Tube? Just wondering if there was going to a be fix for them? Thank you
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    local channels

    Hello, I just this up on an Amazon FTV stick and a Raspberry Pi. I am just using the free trial version right now to see how well it runs. Everything seems to be working good for the most part. Is there a way to have the main network channels work for my location? The streams are for the East...
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    FTV stick problems after update

    Hello. I have been having issues now for the last few weeks with the Amazon FTV Stick since the latest Amazon update was sent out. I am wondering if other people are as well? The latest update is ( ). Ever since there is buffering. I have installed all versions of KODI...
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    Fire stick buzzing

    Hello My wife messaged me earlier today saying that the fire stick was buzzing. I had her reset it check all connections but did not help. So I went and googled it and found out over on the Amazon forums multiple people with the exact same issue. Seemed to have started last week. The fire stick...
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    constant buffering but only sometimes

    Ok i am having a problem getting videos to playback without constant buffering. Now i have searched and could not find what i needed. I have a real strange one here. I am having issues on my laptop but it only seems to be in the afternoon/evenings. I have tried both wired and wireless. I have...
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    Having trouble installing openelec 4 to sd and usb

    Hello, I have been running OpenElec for sometime now from my usb with no issues. SO today i try and update to Gotham and have had a rough time of it. I am trying to do fresh install but it is not working. I have formated both SD and USB but i just can not get the process down to install. I am...
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    Constant buffering and kicking out to home screen

    Hello, I have been using the raspberry pi now for awhile and have had only a few issues here and there but now it is allot. It seems that I am getting allot of buffering and sometimes it just stops and goes to the home screen. I am running latest OPenElec and have done the Fresh start of...
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    I am ready for pi

    Ok after much debating and researching all my options I have made a desscion. I am going to go with a Raspberry PI. It seems to meet my needs. I was looking for something inexpensive to connect to my home theater receiver and LCD projector. I had previously looked at apple tv's but those are...
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    So many choices

    Hello, I have been researching what type of XBMC box to go with for the last month now. I have mainly been thinking about either a Mac Mini or an Apple TV1. I am familiar with apple and jail breaking but I do not like what the Apple TV are selling for used. So now I have been reading a lot more...
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    Thinking about an APTV1

    Hello, I have a post in the HTPC forum about using a Mac Mini in my home theater for XBMC and saving movies on. I was going to upgrade the CPU and install a Broadcom Cyrstal HD card. I am also thinking about an APTV and installing a Broadcom Cyrstal HD. I was leaning towards a APTV 1 because...
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    Need help deciding

    Hello, I am getting ready to set up either a Apple TV1 or a Mac Mini Model A1176 core duo. I am going to be hooking this up to an Onkyo tx-nr 709 receiver and using a Epson LCD 720p projector. I do not need to worry about 1080p because the projector only does 720p. I am leaning towards the Mac...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I am glad to be a part of this forum, been on here for awhile reading up on everything and finally joined. I have XBMC running right now on a jailbroke iPad and on my laptop. I have been wanting to set up a media server setup for my home theater for awhile now but other things...