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  1. J

    Idea for a new poll based on Einstein's definition of insanity

    poll the number of times people click install on the same addon before reality sets in, then ask if you clicked more than 5 times did you come here and whine, or ask an intelligent question? i am just kidding, lol. after reading all the hateful posts i figured some humor should come from them.
  2. J

    Video Problem with xubuntu and kodi

    xubuntu 16.04 updated current, asus kv55d i7 laptop with dual video (onboard intel and discrete nvidia), connected to samsung 1080p via hdmi and kodi 17. When watching a local video on kodi the tv will start losing going blank and turning the tv on an off sometimes cures it, other times I have...
  3. J

    kodi nightly build now kills trakt options

    if any1 knows how to tell the people at kodi that their latest nightly from ubuntu nightly ppa kills the trakt buttons pls do so. i i would but i attempted to ask a ? there 1 other time and was treated like some1's step child. i wonder if they know just how childish they act. i believe the...
  4. J

    Diasappearing Hosters from

    Any1 have any idea why filefactory and other good hosters are gone from
  5. J

    Request RealDebrid cloud

    Now that every torrent and magnet downloaded on the real debrid website downloader is shared and uploaded to by default for hosting, an addon similar to tk's premiumize cloud for it would be a great thing if possible.
  6. J

    kodi 17 nightly build disables urlresolver

    wasn't sure where to put this. if any1 is using kodi 17 nightly build repo and updated today it disables the urlresolver so debrid and other premium links won't show.
  7. J

    Network issue

    Have pi3, jarvis 16.1 qith 12gb's usb external drives connected with upnp on. Have it attached via eth to a range extentder which is connected wifi to the router. All 3 smart tv's and the pi3's connected to them find the upnp library and have no issues. However, my laptop is a dif story. The...
  8. J vpn addon not only supplies links, usenet, and a cloud for torrents, it also supplies premium accounts with a vpn. I don't know if theres a way due to all the dif devices used for kodi. I use it on my laptop running linux but cannot figure out how to use it on my pi's with libreelec. Or...
  9. J

    VPN for openelec broken by openelec dev ver with kodi 16

    Did an upgrade to latest openelec dev ver to try out kodi 16 and it works great except for 1 major problem. Just like when openelec went from 5 to 6 it breaks vpn for openelec addon. Do not understand why openelec thinks not enuf people use a vpn to warrant them coding in support, at least...
  10. J

    Just Thank You!

    just wanted to thank all the people who put in long hours to keep everything running, and all of those who take the time to answer posts here too THANK YOU! i know its not much but your work is greatly appreciated by us all jonzen (actually not jonzen near as much since tvaddons and all the...
  11. J

    Is there a way to use PIA for openelec on openelec 6?

    I have tried several times in difernet ways t get a working vpn connection. Any1 have any idea why openelec would make changes that stopped pia for openelec from working, or, if will be recoded so it works again? I have found on openelec forum where they say not enough people use vpn to...