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    Wizards or Builds

    I have kodi jarvis downloaded to my asus tablet. Just need help how to run or use to my kodi. I think this might help with the addons to watch movies. Thanks
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    Addons for KODI Jarvis App

    Hi, I have just successfully downloaded the KODI Jarvis app to my Asus Tablet TF700. Can anyone please help which addons I can use to watch movies and live sports? If you could please send me the link whichone and how to add the addons that would be great as I am new to this hobby. Thanks for...
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    KODI Update and latest download

    Hi, I have not opened my KODI with my tablet for a while and not sure if that will work again. I have been getting emails about KODI and not sure if that is valid or not. If this is working now, can someone help if there is a step-by-step basis to load the new one? thank you
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    Config Wizard Android Update

    I need to update my KODI on my android tablet. The config wizard is missing, how can I put this back to update the KODI? Thanks
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    Android Upgrade - Asus Tablet with KODI

    My Asus Tablet TF700T has 4.3.1. Android Version. I want to update with the latest or higher version of Android, but for some reason when I opened the settings-about tablet, the update was not listed. Can you please help how can I update to a latest version of Android? Thanks for all your help.
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    Saving a live stream movie

    Hello, I am new with this Kodi and I have it installed to my Asus Tablet with Android. Just wanted to know if it is possible to save a movie to my tablet or to a SD Card? I just want to open the movie that I want to watch and save it so that I can watch it later. Need some guidance please...