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    how to update from 15.2 to 16.1?

    Yeah you can do that, but this way you can also transfer kodi custom user data set ups in zip archive from Android, Widows, Linux to your Firestick. And extract to overwrite current Firestick Kodi user Data Folder... I just find this way easier than having to go through the whole process adding...
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    how to update from 15.2 to 16.1?

    Easiest way to install or upgrade kodi on a fire stick with just your android phone and internet connection. Prepare firestick, go to settings Developer options click on adb debugging and unknown sources.. then go to manage apps and click on don't send app usage data.. Now Download Es file...
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    Help With TVMC

    TVMC is obsolete you have to download the free telly Exe on Mac application no more Android buddy.. SentFromMyLinuxMintPhone
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    Problem? Any one else having and issue with Ultimate Whitecream

    You can ask the question just don't mention TVaddons as your source for addons. Just ask about white cream. Its supported there! SentFromMyLinuxMINT Phone
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    Newbie Q

    I see you got my message on the other forum. Welcome to TVAddons... This is the place for everything kodi Addon wise... Sent from my LinuxMINT touch phone
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    Adding Fusion and other Add-ons to iOS devices

    Confluence does work on iPad or any touch device, that's what I have on my Android phone and it works pretty damn well... Don't worry your not bricking kodi, it ain't all that special... Sent from my LinuxMINT touch phone
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    Adding Fusion and other Add-ons to iOS devices

    He probably can't find any of the settings, usually when installing kodi on ios it's default skin is retouch. You might need to change it to confluence. Then things might be alot easier for you. Sent from my LinuxMINT touch phone
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    qbox s905 16gb 2gb ram 5.1 lollipop

    Thats bullsh!#t root your box with this file:!gdQwSAYJ!cTkC-zD0I_zzshjNy5Hs3JQOorycczRSjHny3uEljJA Unzip contents to an SDCard place into your box. Then boot from sdcard. Or copy contents to a usb flash drive then update. Read up here...
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    qbox s905 16gb 2gb ram 5.1 lollipop

    Is your box rooted? If not you can't use the app. Use 3rd. Party app market like Aptoid app. Or look for alternate links on you browser. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    qbox s905 16gb 2gb ram 5.1 lollipop

    Its a permissions issue, you can only back up to your android box internal storage not external SdCard, and vice versa with restoring. To gain access to your external sdcard Root your box and install folder/mount. And launch to make your external sdcard and usb readable and writable. I had same...
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    I have Kodi 15.2 isengard but is that the latest?

    The latest Kodi Build is 16.1 Rc2, you can find it here: scroll down to release candidate build section. So far it's working great.
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    OpenElec 8.0 Kodi 17 Alpha

    Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin on OpenElec... If any one wants to test.. This is a Genericx86_64 Build... Installer img:!YcJxGKza!GpkHFDOwOgq_c5Jwcba6X8ornyQ5fmryF5zMZAxw9UM Update Tar:!RMY2CJqT!OHHcd1LyHcW9-ld8hzntxPe01-xAZf0v8IgZczChs7U
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    ES Exploer

    There was a video on you tube about this same situation. You are going to have to keep clicking on the arm or which ever version you want until Es file explorer catches on to download.
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    Weather not updateing

    Switch to open weather it's working fine.
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    New Kodi Jarvis On Amlogic MX2

    New Update Tar to Kodi 16 Jarvis. For the MX2/G18 Android Boxes..!YIhVSCBT!WyjugClO4iwT3LYBvBIroZ7ZZ4VYfLDmHHB-PYs_b08
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    anyone try 17 krypton yet.

    I installed fusion on my Krypton, just enable unknown sources in settings. And then add the fusion source. And yes you can use the configure wizard, i did it just won't add the TVaddons background pic but you will get the splash screen. And so far addons are working Vids load much faster. But i...
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    Hello from P.R.

    Bien Venido Bori....
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    In the living room, I'm running Kodi on a HP Stream Mini PC with just OpenElec installed, no other operating system. And in the Bedroom I have an MX2 midnight android device with just OpenElec installed also. No Android operating system. And on my laptop running LinuxMint 17.3...
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    Can't Update to Kodi 16 Jarvis from 15.2

    I already answered your question on another forum that you posted this same issue... Its a common issue with theses boxes. You can update to Kodi 16, even though in the play store it says open instead of update. This is how to get to 16... In the play store press uninstall, once done. Press on...
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    Sound not working in kodi since Jarvis update

    You can try whats done in this Video, after you set your amplification, be sure to enable set as default for all media on the bottom of setting. This will asure that all media playback will sound equally loud...!RNwCGRoS!BOBeZkGT_K_t1tPFwDgD215LajXdQfVRZaHK3GPhxx4