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    Matricom G-Box Q

    Just to let everyone know, the long overdue and highly anticipated Matricom G -Box Q, has been released for sale as of Nov.21st. First release of 1000 boxes sold out within hours. Available on Amazon for $109.00. Being offered on EBay for a lot more. Note: I am not affiliated with or a...
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    As a regular viewer of everything Modi, I am curious as to why there are no threads regarding the Geniatech Mygica Android TV products. I have been a Modi tester for a little over 18 month's, currently testing on a Matricom MX2. Well my University aged daughter came home for a visit a couple of...
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    mx2 Frodo 12.3 and firmware 1.1.6 OTA does not work

    Hi, hope someone can help. I have a Matricom MX2, and am using Frodo v 12.3 and firmware 11.6.. Ever since I loaded Frodo 12.3 the OTA updater does not work. I know that I am getting updates, however I would like to know if there is a fix for the OTA updater file.. I am going to load Gotham...
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    Help with Matricom MX2

    Hi, a couple of days ago this minor problem developed: I am using Frodo v12 firmware 1.16 When I finish watching a movie or television episode the program automatically starts to re-play. Other than this minor annoyance my mx2 has been performing admirably. Can anyone offer a solution? Thanks...
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    Programs watched will automatically start replaying

    Hi, hope someone else had this minor issue. When I finish watching a movie or TV episode, the program will automatically restart from the beginning. I have not changed any settings, and have done no updates. G Box Q. Modi V. 1.2 Otherwise my box works flawless. Anyone have any suggestions...
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    Does anyone have any info on the new Dream link android box. Saw it mentioned on an FTA forum?
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    How to delete unwanted repo's

    Hi, does anyone know how one can delete unwanted or dead Repo's. I went through my loaded Repo's, and found 43 that I would like to uninstall. However, when I go to try and uninstall them, you can not highlight the " uninstall" section. I would think if I could delete unused/unwanted Repo's it...
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    Frodo 12.3

    Good morning. I am running a Matricom mx2 "Enhanced Edition". I was reading about the Frodo 12.3 update. Does it apply to my box as well, or was this update only for people running xbmc on windows platform. If needed for the mx2, will it "auto update" by itself. If I do a force update using the...
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    Ustv now

    Hi all. Am a valid subscriber to ustvnow. Located outside of USA. Have valid sign up credentials. It had been working flawlessly. Starting yesterday every channel will come on for approximately 5 seconds then cuts off. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling numerous times. Have tried...
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    PS3 install

    Good evening all. I currently have an Matricom MX2 Google box running flawlessly(thanks to this site). I also have XBMC installed on an Acer netbook, running Windows XP. It also runs flawlessly(thanks again). I am wondering if there is an install guide to have XBMC on my PlayStation3. If it is...
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    android tv box frozen

    Help. My Android TV box 8 gb- MX6 Quad IPTV Jelly Bean box is frozen. When I turn it on, it just stays at the Matricom screen. No buttons on the remote will in freeze it. I have tried numerous times unplugging it, waiting and repluggingit, still to no avail. I have unplugged it' stuck a pin in...