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    Indigo/Fusion Error Massage Also Git Browser Error

    Kodi 17.6 android tv box . Most of the apps were working. I seldom used this tv box. Hence "shutdown" I was tempted to switch this box more than seldom. Then I got persuaded to buy ipvanish . After installation of ipvanish i had to go through indigo and mess round for hours. all updates are...
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    indigo error

    new installation of indigo on clicking installation tool, comes as indigo error. also when click on gitbrowser comes as gitbrowser error. hope I make sence. could someone please help? Also system setting {kodi17.6} The last item on it asking for Gitbrowser personal API key Xnadue.
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    Comments :check log file keep getting when i try to open

    I just bought ipvanish. On 29th of April. This android TV box was all OK some time ago. I have not used for some time.